Mobile App Development for handheld devices have rocketed in the past few years. It is amazing how much people start using mobile applications all the sudden. The numbers says it by itself. The usage of mobile apps grew over 120% in 2013 compare to 2012 alone. 

With smart phone and different forms of tablets being the most carried around devices in the world, it is defenetly the time to start thinking about Mobile App Development.

The engagement between people and smart phones is increasing at an incredible speed. Whether there are group of people waiting for a table at their favourite restaurant or sitting waiting before an appointment, the chances are that a large percentage of them are browsing the net on their phones while waiting. This is already helping businesses become more efficient.

At Mana Mana we are looking forward to start developing mobile apps for business in the next few months. We are currently working with a number of companies around the globe to provide mobile applications that integrate into your systems. Please do enquiry and get in touch if you would like to find out how we can help. We'll provide expert advice on how we can make your business application.


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