The New Normal

Succeeding in a post pandemic world

Covid-19 has changed the world forever and is driving many of our clients to shape and deliver changes to their organisations previously considered unthinkable, or too great a leap. Mana Mana aims to help you better navigate into the “new normal”, providing you with an actionable perspective on the most important transformation topics for the coming weeks and months in our company and all businesses across the world.

​Our insights below give some information into what we are doing to support our clients and employees during this challenging time. 

Business Strategy




Operations & Model




As we adapt to the new world, businesses are navigating the changes needed to their business strategies. Organisations are already on route towards recovery and growth. Mana Mana can assists you with all information and advice your company requires, from How will your target markets, customer value proposition, and operating model change to succeed.  Mana Mana will design, develop and implement business strategies specifically tailor for this pandemic.




Mass remote working has been the only way forward for businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has played the most important part in sustaining businesses in the short term while they emerge stronger under the new normal. How will you increase efficiency as well as create capabilities at speed? How do you protect your landscape from threats? 



The changes to strategy and business plans arising from COVID-19 are likely to focus on your operating model - the capability, processes, control, systems, data and organisation to deliver the strategy. 

We can assist you making the right decision to ensure your op model remains in alignment with your business goals.



COVID-19 has presented an unstoppable tide of changes to which businesses are responding. 

All organisations are asking the same key questions; Which do you need to stop, which to pause, or which to allow to continue? How do you make the right decisions? Are their opportunities emerging in such difficult situation?.
​There is no doubt that organisations will need to transform the way they do business in order to remain at the top. We can assist with your transformation portfolio, which is the secret of successful change.



The pandemic has seen the importance of digital transformation agendas move from high to critical for many of our clients. This involves topics like big data and analytics.  

​At Mana Mana, we can assists you with a digital strategy and transformation in order to survive and seize opportunities in the new normal.




Tough times and decisions lie ahead for companies and its leaders as they manage operational restarts, deal with their employee's challenges and concerns. Under this pressure leadership capabilities can be strained. Therefore, now more than ever, clear and considered leadership is critical. How do you ensure your leadership team and business culture are best supported through this? The answer is coaching.


Whether as a CEO, COO, or HR Director, improving your company's effectiveness requires focus on both tangible and intangible elements. You may see the upcoming months as a huge organisational challenge but also it could be seen as an opportunity to redefine your organisational shape, size and culture.